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Welcome to the Uncle Mike's Worldwide Online Store, the official home of Strange Aeons! You can learn more about the Strange Aeons game system by visiting http://www.strange-aeons.ca/.

Miniature Sales Suspended - Preparing for Kickstarter!
As all our production efforts are now directed towards our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we will no longer be selling our old miniature product line. Some models will reappear in new sets, while others are being retired.

Strange Aeons Goes Digital
All five Strange Aeons rulebooks are now available in PDF format.

Core Rulebook - Out of Print!
Our final copies of the Strange Aeons rulebook have been shipped out. With plans well underway for a Second Edition (Kickstarter Q4 2014, shipping Q3 2015), we won't be reprinting the First Edition rules, but they'll remain available in PDF format until Second Edition is released.

Hey, want to join a Cult?
The Cult of the Black Goat is now recruiting! Get your membership today, and receive our equinox cult newsletters, packed with previews and experimental rules, along with access to exclusive models.

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