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In order to keep this easy and readable, we'll forgo the usual string of legalese (most of you probably aren't lawyers, and neither are we!) and get right to the point:

This site does track your IP address (you can see it yourself at the bottom of the page) and issue tracking cookies in order to make the whole operation run smoothly. You can probably turn cookies off and not hurt anything, but don't expect your cart contents to stick around if you navigate away from the site.

As the function of this site is to sell you things, we require some information about you in order to complete a transaction: name, address, email, and so forth. This information is stored in a customer file on the server, allowing you to login again at a later date and save yourself the trouble of having to re-enter it. If you really don't want your details stored on the server, send us an email asking to have your account deleted and we'll see that it's done. As all payment is completed through PayPal or money order, no payment or financial information is stored by us.

Creating a user account appears to automatically subscribe you to a newsletter. There's nothing sinister here; we just haven't figured out how to turn that off. As we don't currently have a newsletter, this is something of a non-issue, but you can still unsubscribe by clicking the link not too far below this one. Should we ever get a newsletter together, you may receive one, or potentially an email outlining some sort of dastardly special offer we've cooked up, assuming we ever actually sort out how to do that sort of thing (the email, that is - I sincerely hope our combined brainpower can pull the necessary strings to put a product on sale).

Under no circumstances will we sell, give away, or exchange your email to anybody for any purpose. We wouldn't even know where to go.

We do however reserve the right to offer you as a blood sacrifice to our dark masters should circumstances demand it.

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